A new technology from Carrier Transicold uses solar power to charge batteries.

When they’re exposed to sunlight, Carrier Transicold’s Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels continuously charge transportation refrigeration unit batteries, according to a company news release.

The panels, installed on the roofs of trailers, ensure ample power for system starts and save costs associated with a weak or dead battery.

“The engineering specifications for many features of the Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panel systems were developed by Carrier Transicold experts who understand the unique power demands of TRUs and associated electrical architecture,” Jason Forman, a Carrier Transicold marketing manager, said in the release. “Refrigerated fleet demands for value-added electrical loads have increased in recent years, tapping refrigeration system batteries to power additional electronics such as telematics devices, fuel-level sensors, interior trailer lighting and other accessories.”

The new panels also can help conserve fuel by minimizing the need to run the TRU engine to charge the battery. The panels provide up to 1.8 amps per hour and are compatible with 12-volt wet cell and absorbent glass mat batteries.