Carrier Transicold is introducing new refrigeration technology that helps add mileage to shipping of perishables.

Its trademarked XtendFRESH container atmosphere control system helps maintain the quality of shipped produce by extending shipping distances, according to a news release.

Carrier Transicold system helps extend shipping distancesThe XtendFRESH system is designed to be more affordable than Carrier’s earlier atmosphere control solutions and relatively easy to install on existing equipment, according to the release.

It actively controls oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and removes ethylene, which accelerates maturity if not stopped, according to the release.

The levels can be independently set for a given commodity.

The system’s ability to remove ethylene while managing oxygen and carbon dioxide is critical to its performance, according to the release.

The modular system can be added to existing Carrier container refrigeration units equipped with a Micro-Link 3 controller.

Adding a humidity sensor provides additional atmosphere control that allows for humidity to be reduced to as low as 50% as needed for cargo protection, according to the release.

The system is also available as an option with new equipment purchases.

“The XtendFRESH system will expand opportunities for the global trade of perishable commodities,” David Appel, Carrier Transicold’s president, said in the release. “It will enable Carrier Transicold’s shipping line customers to help exporters extend their reach into new markets.”