Cascades has introduced a new environmentally friendly mushroom container.

The Ultratill is made of 80% recycled materials, according to a news release from Kingsey Falls, Quebec-based Cascades.

The new pack, made with low-density (LD) PETE, also known as No. 1 plastic, is lighter than other mushroom containers and emits 62% less CO2 during its lifetime.

“Developing a container made with LDPETE, which is light and includes recycled material, is proof of Cascades’ leadership position when it comes to caring for the environment, innovating and paying attention to our clients’ concerns regarding the economic and environmental viability of our products,” Luc Langevin, president and chief operating officer of Cascades’ Specialty Products Group, said in the release. The Ultratill is currently available in three formats — two different 8-ounce containers and one 16-ounce container. Cascades plans to add more sizes in the next year.