Chelan Fresh Marketing reports strong support for its new cup pack for cherries.

The company also has added a apple variety.

Chelan, Wash.-based Chelan Fresh plans to highlight its Cup o’ Cherries pack at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit show in New Orleans, according to a news release.

Introduced this summer, the cup features a lid with a reservoire to hold cherry pits. Early reports on the product have been favorable, Mac Riggan, Chelan Fresh’s marketing director, said in the release.

“It’s a great design,” Riggan said in the release.

“The cup holds 25 or 26 cherries, about 8 ounces, and is ready to go. It’s car-friendly and fits into the cup holder perfectly, just like a take-out coffee cup. Also, the cherries have no stems, making it even more convenient.”

Also new at Chelan Fresh, the company has added Rockit apples from New Zealand to its apple roster.

The Rockit is a small, bicolored, thin-skinned, crispy and sweet apple that comes packaged in a plastic tube similar to a tennis ball tube.

“Right now it’s only coming from New Zealand, and Chelan Fresh hopes to bring some in next spring,” Riggan said.

“We plan to have product grown in Washington in three years, but in the meantime we want to prime the pump for demand by bringing in the New Zealand fruit.”