The Chilean Blueberry Committee has selected Sonoma, Calif.-based MacKenzie Agency Public Relations to manage their North American promotional activities.

An affliate of the Chilean Exporters Association A.G., the Chilean Blueberry Committee chose the MacKenzie Agency in an effort to raise the profile of fresh blueberries from Chile and communicate their benefits to food media, according to a news release.

The MacKenzie Group’s experience with international clients includes Foods From Spain, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Wines of Sicily and South African Cape Fruit.

“Chile is the world’s second-largest producer of cultivated blueberries, and a leading grower in the southern hemisphere, where the fruit is available in our winter season,” said Karen MacKenzie, agency president and its chief creative officer, in the release. “Our job is to communicate to U.S. consumers, through the media, the consistent, nutritious and safe supply of high quality fresh blueberries from Chile.”