A Chilean port strike has ended, which should mean an increase in volumes bound for North America at the tail end of the country’s grape season.

Scott Reade, vice president of sales and marketing for Delano, Calif.-based Pandol Bros. Inc., said in an e-mail April 8 that the strike at Chile’s Port of San Antonio was over and that Pandol Bros. expected “big volume” the weeks of April 8 and April 15.

John Pandol, the company’s special projects manager, said that some late-season grapes bound for South Korea will instead be rerouted to North America.

Fruit will arrive after an April 10 deadline requiring a higher grade, but Pandol said it will have no trouble making the necessary No. 1 grade.

The strikes affected several Chilean ports, lasted three weeks and reduced shipments of Chilean copper, fruit and wood pulp, according to news stories.