The U.S. and China will continue to cooperate on food safety matters.

The Food and Drug Administration has renewed a 2007 agreement with China’s food safety agency to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

The five-year extension of the agreement includes language on strengthening FDA’s ability to identify high-risk food items from China. The pact also promises cooperation in inspections of facilities that produce food and the creation of methods for FDA to accept “relevant, verified information from (China) regarding registration and certification,” according to a news release from FDA.

The 2007 agreement resulted in FDA opening offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, according to the release.

The agency has made considerable progress in food safety since the first agreement was signed, according to the release. One of those gains is increased inspection of Chinese food facilities, from zero inspections in 2007 to 85 inspections in 2011. Progress has also occurred in increased understanding of food safety systems and the adequacy of Chinas’ food safety laboratories, according to the release.