SALINAS, Calif. — Church Bros. LLC took its second straight victory in the annual produce mascot race to benefit Salinas nonprofit Ag Against Hunger.

Church Bros. repeats win at mascot raceFight Hunger Night, the fourth in the series, was July 18 at the California Rodeo Salinas.

Entry fees of $1,000 from each of 11 grower-shippers and processors go to Ag Against Hunger. An additional donation will be announced later by the rodeo.

Like last year — when they had to balance lemons on spoons all the way to the finish line — the mascots were informed of a special challenge just before race time. They had to spin until they were dizzy at the starting line and hit a target with bean bags before taking off.

Once they did, it was over fast.

“I just want to say first thank you to Church Bros. for letting me race for Ag Against Hunger and to be representing the company,” said winner Dalton Dovolis, AKA The Fresh Prince of Broc Air. “It’s a great honor. Ag Against Hunger is a great program.”

The other racers were:

  • Bengard Ranches: Bengi the Ram
  • Dole: Pinellopy Pineapple
  • Duda Farm Fresh Foods: Cindy Celery
  • Fresh Express: Salad Pal
  • The Nunes Co.: Tobo the Fox
  • Ocean Mist Farms: Arti The Artichoke
  • Pacific International Marketing: Buster Broccoli
  • Sakata Seed America: The Avenger Broccoli
  • Tanimura & Antle: Captain T&A
  • Taylor Farms: The Original Chopped

Tanimura & Antle took second and Sakata Seed America was third.

The fundraiser was inspired by the Milwaukee Brewers sausage races.