During Fresh Summit 2012 produce businesses took part in the Sensory Experience Recipe Contest.

Companies participate in Sensory Experience Recipe ContestThe contest was on Oct. 28 and a panel of 24 judges — including 11 children — examined each recipe.

Of the 46 submitted recipes, 11 were finalists.

The 11 finalists were:

  • California Asparagus Commission;
  • California Date Administrative Committee;
  • California Giant;
  • Chilean Fresh Fruit Association;
  • Freska Produce International;
  • Mann Packing Co.;
  • Misionero Vegetables;
  • Sage Fruit Co.;
  • Sun Pacific/Califia Farms; and
  • Sunkist Growers Inc.

The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association won Buyer’s Choice with Chilean Fresh Fruit Pizza and the California Date Administrative Committee won the Kid’s Choice award with its Date Shakes and Smoothies.