Container and Pooling Solutions, Livonia, Mich., has enhanced its container tracking software, CAPS-TRAC, allowing users to capture, store and report on new data points.

Customers have the ability to track critical quality-related data throughout the supply chain including product temperature, weight and safety seal numbers, according to a news release.

“With the new CAPS-TRAC capabilities, food suppliers and manufacturers can now electronically capture, store and report on key data control points throughout their supply chain,” Keith Schall, director of business systems and technology said in the release. “Doing so reduces manual processes and room for human error while complying with new regulations requiring more rigid data capture methods to ensure accuracy and accessibility in case of recalls.”

The system is in a cloud environment and is available from any computer. Data can be captured with mobile scanning devices or radio frequency identification-enabled portals, according to the release.

Data is processed automatically and supply chain partners can immediately access it.