Tracy, Calif.-based Prima Bella Produce is now GloriAnn Farms, matching the company’s name to its GloriAnn label for sweet corn.

“We are known and sought after for our GloriAnn brand countrywide,” company president Mark Bacchetti said in a news release. “The change to GloriAnn Farms reinforces this reputation.”

It also strengthens product positioning, according to Bacchetti, who founded the company in 2001 with his wife, Mary. The label derives from his mother’s name — Gloria Ann.

No changes to staff, facilities or services are planned.

Brawley, Calif.-based Five Crowns Marketing handles sales and marketing for GloriAnn Farms. Five Crowns’ Bill Colace and Joe Colace became partners in the Tracy company in 2010.

GloriAnn ships yellow, white and bicolor sweet corn in various pack styles, including bulk carton corn, husked and cleaned cobs and mini-cobs. Windowed multipacks come with microwaveable trays.

GloriAnn uses iceless packaging technology, tested and developed on site, to maintain freshness.

Its website is