Crowley Maritime Corp.’s logistics team deployed emergency aid commodities to help victims in wake of Typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines.

Crowley delivers relief supplies for Philippines typhoon victimsIn November, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based Crowley’s Miami-based logistics group loaded 86 pallets of inventoried food items onto six trucks for delivery to Miami International Airport for transfer to an emergency flight destined for the Philippines.

The loading came less than four hours after the Nov. 11 notification, according to a news release.

The typhoon struck the Philippines on Nov. 7.

Crowley received another request for 411 pallets of hygiene kits and five-gallon water jugs to be delivered to the airport.

As the trucks were preparing to leave, Crowley learned no flights were departing for the Philippines.

Crowley instead loaded trucks from its inland trucking group to deliver to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport for flight departures that would meet the U.S. Agency for International Development’s deadlines, according to the release.

“We are very proud of the Miami team’s ability to respond quickly and deploy creative solutions during a time of great need,” Ken Black, Crowley’s director of logistics, said in the release. “Delivering tens of thousands of relief supplies by air is never an easy task, but Crowley was able to tap into its company-wide resources and deliver the materials to the airports on schedule and without major delays.”