Crunch Pak sliced apples were served as snacks to performers at NBC TV’s “The Maya Rudolph Show” during its May 19 debut.

The one-hour prime-time variety special stars Rudolph and is produced by Lorne Michaels. It features veterans of Saturday Night Live.

The show’s production staff contacted Cashmere, Wash.-based Crunch Pak in April to ask if the company would provide fresh product for the show’s backstage area for the opening episode, according to a news release.

The shipper sent a variety of its Snackers, Dipperz and 2-ounce mini bag products.

Crunch Pak has provided fresh apple snacks to the entertainment industry several times. Venues have included the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Super Bowl halftime show, the Country Music Awards, the People’s Choice Awards and the Miss America pageant.

“We know people are craving healthy snacks, and we’re looking forward to supplying that need and hopefully engaging with studios in the future,” Tony Freytag, senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release.