Dave’s Specialty Imports Inc., is adding another berry to its mix.

The Coral Springs, Fla.-based grower-shipper of domestic and imported berries is shipping Cape gooseberries from Colombia.

Also called uchuva, physalis or goldenberry when dried, the Cape gooseberry is known for being a marble sized smooth yellow berry that resembles a miniature tomato, according to a news release. Dave’s Specialty Imports ships the berries in 3.5-ounce baskets under the Dave’s label.

The fruit possesses a sweet and mildly tart flavor that makes it ideal for baking.

It is a versatile fruit that can work well in savory dishes and also makes for fresh snacking, according to the release.

Dave’s Specialty Imports continues to increase volume of its South American and Central American blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, according to the release.

“We are definitely increasing volumes across the board but bringing in new specialty items like gooseberries gives us a chance to offer something unique to our customers,” Mike Bowe, vice president, said in the release. “We’ve had great feedback from chefs but we also know this is something exciting for consumers at the retail level. We think it’s a great fit to our program.”