Deardorff installs RedLine traceability systemDeardorff Family Farms has upgraded its traceability and inventory control technology.

Oxnard, Calif.-based Deardorff has installed RedLine Cooler, a system created by Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine Solutions, in its new facility.

With Deardorff doubling its operations at its new facility, the company saw the need to more efficiently track product and manage inventory, Scott Deardorff, vice president, said in the release.

“Fulfilling orders with handheld devices instead of pick tickets created invaluable operational efficiencies”, Deardorff said. “Not only did it cut down on paper work, it increased accuracy for loading, essentially eliminating misloads.”

Deardorff integrated RedLine Cooler with Famous, the grower accounting system in place at the company, which made training and implementation fast and easy, according to the release.

RedLine Cooler’s inventory control features provide better location tracking, Deardorff said, so that the company knows exactly where product is at any given time.

“Our users in the warehouse are able to load orders more efficiently and accurately than ever before, with improved product quality for our customers,” Deardorff said. “We now operate at a whole new level of efficiency that saves time and money.”