David Cook is ready to end a 44-year career in fresh produce and head to his public library.

Cook, sales manager for Deardorff Family Farms, Oxnard, Calif., is scheduled to retire in June, according to a news release. He has been on staff at Deardorff since 1982, serving as sales manager since 1994.

Earlier in his career he worked for his father Nolan Cook at the family business Cook Produce, a lettuce growing and marketing company in Phoenix. He also worked for Pacific Fruit and Produce, now known as Amerifresh. He moved to Deardorff from Amerifresh.

“As a buyer, you get a few job offers,” Cook said in the release. “Recruiters are always on the lookout for people who they see some potential in, but I turned down those offers until hearing about the opening at Deardorff. When I started at Deardorff, I thought ‘this is it.’ ”

Deardorff president Tom Deardorff II said in the 32 years since Cook joined the company he has become one of the best known people in the industry.

“Everybody knows David,” Deardorff said in the release. “Whenever I am at (industry) events people always ask about David.”

Cook said in the release he plans to pursue a part-time volunteer job at the Oxnard Public Library after he retires.