Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. reported increased net sales for the second quarter of 2013 compared to last year, posting more than $1 billion compared with $557 million in 2012’s second quarter — in part because of higher banana, fresh-cut and tomato sales.

Net sales of bananas for the Coral Gables, Fla.-based, multinational company were up 8% compared to 2012’s second quarter, according to its quarterly financial report. Del Monte’s net second-quarter banana sales were $249.9 million in 2012 compared with $457 million this year.

Pineapple and melon net sales dropped for the second quarter. Pineapple net sales dropped 6% to $135.6 million with a volume decrease of 5%. Pricing and unit costs for pineapples were both down 1%.

Melon net sales dropped 4% for the second quarter, compared with 2012, coming in at $34.5 million. Melon volumes decreased 8% in this year’s second quarter. Melon pricing was up 4% and unit costs were 1% higher.

Fresh-cut, non-tropicals and tomatoes all posted net sales increases for 2013’s second quarter, compared to 2012. Fresh-cut net sales were up 7%, hitting $116.7 million. Volume was up 5% with a 2% increase in pricing and a 3% increase in unit costs.

Non-tropicals net sales jumped 22%, posting $135.3 million for a volume increase of 22%. Pricing for non-tropicals was up 2% with unit costs up 6% for the 2013 second quarter.

Tomato net sales increased 9% to $24.7 million, but volumes decreased 6% for tomatoes in the second quarter this year. Pricing was up 16% and unit costs were 10% higher than 2012’a second quarter.

In a prepared statement, chairman and chief executive officer Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh described the 2013 second quarter as having strong performance.

“Our growth in the second quarter was fundamentally driven by our ability to increase sales through core product line growth, extending our reach in non-conventional delivery channels, expanding our global brand presence, product innovation and continued consumer demand,” he said in the prepared statement posted with the financial report.