A new online resource will present information to the public about the development of Golden Sands Family Farm, Saratoga, Wis.

The online tool provides data, facts and highlights from the Environmental Impact Report that was recently submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Environmental Impact Report contains information about the science and technology behind Golden Sands Family Farm and answers questions about the transformation from red pine plantation to agricultural crop fields and dairy.

Golden Sands Family Farm is being developed by Wysocki Family of Cos., Bancroft, Wis., and when it becomes operational, it will annually produce an estimated 13.5 million gallons of milk, 21,000 tons of silage corn, 22,500 tons of potatoes, 1,500 tons of grain corn, 10,000 tons of alfalfa, 5,500 tons of sweet corn, 3,500 tons of snap beans and 1,100 tons of peas, said a news release.

The online tool can be found at www.FarmingFullCircle.com.