Disney has recently recognized blogger The Produce Mom, Lori Taylor, as a Kids Concern Honoree.

Disney recognizes Indy Fruit bloggerThe Produce Mom is the official blog and consumer brand of Indianapolis Fruit Company, Indianapolis. It was launched in January 2012, according to a news release.

Disney’s Kids Concern distinction is given to community leaders and news makers who address issues important to children and parents.

“Their brand means so much to me, especially now that I’m a mom,” Taylor said. “Disney represents dreams coming true for children and adults all around the world.”

Taylor said topics and content for the blog are pulled from her life.

“My knowledge about produce is shared in a candid, relevant tone, making The Produce Mom an entertaining read for all people,” Taylor said in an e-mail.

Disney recognizes Indy Fruit bloggerShe has been with Indianapolis Fruit since 2005, with responsibilities including saleswoman, buyer and marketing manager.

Recently the company brought in another marketing manager so Taylor could focus on consumer marketing.

“It’s important for me to stay involved with aspects of the distribution business that built my knowledge base and put me in a position to author a blog that educates people about the produce industry,” Taylor said.