Dole Fresh Fruit, Westlake, Calif., is launching a promotion called Nature’s Original Energy Bar.

Dole decided to create the campaign after a published study in a peer-reviewed journal found that bananas provide the same energy boost as a leading sports drink, according to a news release.

Dole launches Nature’s Original Energy Bar campaignThis new program will encourage banana fans to use the fruit over energy bars.

“Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, bananas pack an amazing nutritional and energy punch,” said David Bright, vice president of marketing for Dole Fresh Fruit, in the release. “They really are nature’s original energy bar and we’re excited to be able to take this extremely positive, research-backed message to banana and fitness lovers nationwide.”

In a study comparing bananas to sports drinks, researchers at the Dole Nutrition Research Institute used metabolomics to show that bananas provide fuel to working muscles just as well as sports drinks, according to the release.

The study also showed that bananas provide benefits that sports drinks cannot, like improving blood antioxidant capacity and providing minerals and fiber.

To help support the research, Dole created the Nature’s Original Energy Bar Adventure Sweepstakes. Participants can enter on the Dole Bananas Facebook page for a chance to win the adventure trip of their choice, according to the release.

This campaign will be supported by market efforts in Baltimore, Charlotte, S.C., Portland, Ore., and Seattle.

Dole plans to work with local registered dieticians, chefs, fitness and family bloggers to educate residents about bananas through media and public appearances, sampling and tasting events, according to the release.