Domex Superfresh Growers joined with the Madison Community Youth Center and the local Costco Wholesale club to bring Christmas to families in the Yakima Valley.

Frank Davis, vice president of business development at Superfresh Growers, asked for donations in the form of sponsorships to help provide Christmas trees to all the families served by Madison House. A total of $1,800 was donated by Superfresh Growers employees, and 45 trees were delivered to families in the area.

Children served by Madison House were in charge of delivering the trees to the selected families, which provided additional benefits and a unique learning opportunity.

“I truly think it gave them a different perspective on their own situations, and changed attitudes incredibly to have that philanthropic experience,” said Kevin Deyette, director of Madison House, in a news release.

Others in the Yakima Valley fruit industry have also stepped up to support Madison House because they hope to encourage the at-risk teens in the area to see the opportunities that come from hard work and education.

“It has been truly heartwarming to see the industry rally around this great cause,” said Mark Holtzinger, director of business development for Kershaw Fruit, in the release.