An English company that specializes in shelf life-extending packaging materials is setting its sights on the U.S. fresh produce market.

Four employees of Telford, England-based Sirane Ltd. will make their company’s pitch to attendees of the Newark, Del.-based Produce Marketing Association’s annual Fresh Summit convention in Anaheim, Calif., in October, according to a Sirane news release.

Among the products Sirane will be showing at Fresh Summit are fruit pads, which offer ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal properties, and Sira-Flex Resolve, a film that can add five days or more of shelf-life to fresh produce.

Sira-Flex Resolve is made from a natural biopolymer, making it fully biodegradable. The film regulates the atmosphere inside the pack regardless of storage temperature.

Sirane also makes cooking bags, which can be used for cooking vegetables or fruit-based desserts in a conventional oven or microwave.