EuroFresh Farms has introduced a new grape-sized tomato product.

The company’s Redi Bites are packed in a clamshell that permits rinsing without taking tomatoes out of the pack, according to a news release from Willcox, Ariz.-based EuroFresh.

RediBites are packed under the ArtiSuns Farms label.

“We knew we had a new, full-flavor snacking tomato with great potential and spent a more than a year creating the perfect container to package them for easy consumption,” Mark Cassius, EuroFresh’s executive vice president, said in the release.

EuroFresh is considering developing other snack-size tomato packs, Cassius said.

“We believe this category will be a big part of our product line in the next year.”

EuroFresh grows greenhouse vegetables in two greenhouse facilities in Willcox and Snowflake, Ariz., totaling 318 acres.