The Food and Drug Administration will soon announce a 60-day extension of the comment period on proposed rules for foreign supplier verification programs for importers and accreditation of third-party auditors/certification bodies.

The current comment period for both proposed rules is scheduled to end Nov. 26, and so extension of the comment period will push the deadline back to late January. More information about the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act rulemaking process can be found on its website.

“I don’t think this is going to affect the produce industry a whole lot,” said David Gombas, senior vice president of food safety and technology for the Washington, D.C.-based United Fresh Produce Association. Gombas said the proposed regulations have already been reviewed closely and said that United Fresh would have been ready to submit its comments in November.

The FDA comment period deadlines for the proposed regulations for the produce safety and the preventive controls rules remain at Nov. 15, Gombas said.