Three new answers about how and when to register food facilities are available on the Food and Drug Administration’s frequently asked questions section of the agency’s Food Safety Modernization Act website.

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The three questions and highlights from the answers are:

  • What form do I use to renew a food facility registration? A: Use Form 3537 to register, update or renew a registration. The form is being updated for the next registration cycle, which begins Oct. 1.
  • Am I required to renew a food facility registration online? A: No, you can also submit paper versions of Form 3537 by mail or fax. A business with multiple facilities may register on a CD-ROM by mail.
  • Why wait until Oct. 1 to start the registration renewal process? A: The FSMA mandates that “food facilities that are required to register must renew their registrations every other year during the period beginning on Oct. 1 and ending on Dec. 31 of each even-numbered year.”

The FDA has answers to more than 130 frequently asked questions on a dozen topics related to the Food Safety Modernization Act, including traceability, prevention, inspection/compliance and the produce safety rule.