Farmer’s Best offers retailers tools for differentiationNogales, Ariz.-based Farmer’s Best Intl. wants to help customers differentiate and is working with the In-Store Implementation Network to do it.

Farmer’s Best plans to start its new Category Cornerstones program with tomatoes. Category Cornerstones include recommendations for procurement, assortment, merchandising and promotion strategies. The program is in addition to Farmers Best’s Retailer Toolbox, said Veronica Kraushaar, a spokeswoman for Farmers Best.

The Tuscon, Ariz.-based In-Store Implementation Network’s director is retail industry speaker James Tenser. Tenser’s program focuses on consistent availability over price, studying “basket analytics” to determine produce preferences and establishing trademark produce programs.

“The noise level out there is very high,” Tenser said in a news release. “With so much focus on influencing shoppers prior to the trip, our work with Farmer’s Best involves helping chains make the trip itself memorable, thus carving the ‘path to (produce) purchase.’”