Farmington Fresh has acquired the assets of Stockton, Calif.-based Onions, Etc. as part of a multi-year expansion plan and company reorganization, company officials said in early April.

Effective April 1, Farmington Fresh, also based in Stockton, completed the acquisition of Onions, Etc., a shipper and repacker of onions and other fresh produce, according to a news release from Farmington Fresh. Current customers of Onions Etc. and the firm’s popular “Home Grown” brand will see little change in business operations, according to the release, with all key staff at Onions Etc continuing in their current roles.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Although we are a fresh-cut company, the acquisition of retail sales based Onions Etc. fits our strategy to provide expanded products and services to our customers.” Bruce Hesse, general manager of Farmington Fresh, said in the release. “Foodservice has been our focus for many years, but the opportunity to add additional products, including onions, adds real value to our customers.”

Derrell Kelso, division president of Onions Etc., said in the release that the deal provides synergies between Onions Etc. retail business and Farmington Fresh foodservice business.The volume and capital strength of Farmington Fresh will grow both business units, he said.

In addition to the recent acquisition of Onions, Etc., Farmington Fresh — a supplier of fresh-cut apples for more than a decade — has also undertaken a capital improvement project that includes a $7 million expansion of clean room facilities and equipment to accommodate additional volume and product lines, according to the release.