With apple harvest underway in mid-September, FirstFruits Marketing plans to offer a new line of ultra mesh bags to go with their traditional packaging.

“We are very excited about our new ultra mesh bags because they will provide outstanding product visibility, a convenient handle for consumers and the ‘standup’ visibility that drives consumer impulse buys,” Keith Mathews, chief executive officer of FirstFruits Marketing of Washington said in a company news release. “The ultra mesh bags will nicely complement our selection of poly and standup poly bags.”

The new mesh bags allow improved product visibility with a broad high-resolution graphics that highlight each variety, according to the release. The ultra mesh bags will be available in both organic and conventional versions for Opal, Sweetie, fuji, Jubilee, gala, granny smith and mainline apples, according to the release.

After starting gala harvest in August, the Yakima, Wash.-based marketer said in a news release that is packing its proprietary Sweetie apple, a Royal Gala and braeburn hybrid that is very sweet and available for only a limited time.

In October, the Jubilee fuji apples will be offered to customers of both conventional and organic apples, according to the release.

The Opal apple, exclusive to FirstFruits Marketing, will be offered to customers in November, according to the release, about a month earlier than last season. Volumes of conventional and organic Opals will be available, according to the release.