The latest estimate of Florida’s citrus crop shows an increase in grapefruit, a small decline in tangerines but no changes in oranges.

Florida grapefruit increases, tangerines declineIn its May 10 report,, the U.S. Department of Agriculture increased production estimates of grapefruit 1.3 million equivalent cartons from its April estimate.

Colored grapefruit production increased 500,000 cartons while white grapefruit jumped 800,000 cartons, according to the USDA.

The USDA reported about 95% of the state’s grapefruit has been harvested.

On tangerines, the USDA lowered its forecast by 100,000 boxes to 3.4 million boxes.

The report shows 97% of the state’s honey tangerines completing harvesting.

For oranges, the USDA reported production remaining at 138 million cartons.

The late season valencias forecast reamains at 71 million cartons.

The majority of the state’s oranges are processed. About 70% of navels, half of the grapefruit and two-thirds of the tangerines ship fresh.