Port Manatee plans to start direct, weekly service to Mexico that is touted as being the quickest from the U.S. Gulf to Mexico.

The Palmetto, Fla.-based port is touting the service as a swift two-way link for shipments of refrigerated produce and other goods between the Port of Coatzacoalcos in the southern part of the Mexican state of Veracruz and U.S. markets, according to a news release.

The service was scheduled to begin on Oct. 28 with the first call at the Tampa Bay, Fla., port.

Gulf Breeze, Fla.-based World Direct Shipping plans to concentrate on fulfilling a need for a faster link for perishable and nonperishable goods, according to the release.

Produce expected to be shipped through the service includes avocados, bananas, limes, mangos and pineapples, according to the release.

The calls at the ports are scheduled to be carried out by the containership Falmouth, which has a nominal capacity of 862 TEUs or 20-foot equivalent container units and is equipped with 204 plugs to provide power to refrigerated containers, according to the release.

World Direct Shipping promotes the lane as the quickest short-sea connection from Mexico to the U.S. Southeast, Northeast and Midwest, Carlos Diaz, the line’s business director, said in the release.

“Port Manatee’s proximity to Mexico is ideal for this service,” he said in the release. “This new fast connection will offer reduced costs and enhanced delivery of a fresher product to consumers east of the Mississippi River.”

Port Manatee bills itself as the largest capacity port on the state’s west coast.

Institution of the service builds upon the port’s history of successfully handling refrigerated products and its cross-Gulf proximity to Mexico, Carlos Buqueras, the port’s executive director, said in the release.