A treatment developed at the University of Florida may keep a hybrid avocado variety fresh longer.

The treatment, a combination of ethylene and liquid and gaseous forms of 1-methylcycloprene, was used on the Booth 7 variety, a hybrid of West Indian and Guatemalan varieties, according to a university news release.

A study analyzing the treatment was published in the most recent issue of Postharvest Biology and Technology.

For the study, avocados were grown at the Tropical Research and Education Center in Homestead, Fla. The fruit was treated in Gainesville, Fla., on the University of Florida campus.

The treatment, developed by former university doctoral student Marcio Pereira, kept the fruit fresh longer and didn’t affect the fruit’s taste, smell or appearance.

Booth 7 avocados are grown in South Florida. Pereira’s treatment could allow the fruit to be shipped throughout the U.S.