Food safety support company red24assist has launched an online tool to help companies reduce security vulnerabilities.

The release of its latest analysis tool is marketed as a simple-to-use program designed to help food companies understand their areas with high vulnerabilities, according to a news release.

The tool also gives food companies the ability to assess compliance with global safety regulations, according to the release.

The program covers areas detailed in current food industry best practices and was designed to serve as a reference document for companies developing food safety programs and or to help companies evaluate supplier compliance with the standards, according to the release.

Consisting of 110 questions that cover 16 areas of food industry standards, the report shows the company’s level of vulnerability in each section.

It also provides crisis management assistance with recalls, malicious product tampering and extortion and trains companies in food safety, health, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point, third-party accreditation and supplier verification.

London-based red24assist is a part of red24, an international security support and response services firm that also deals with security involving travel, maritime security and kidnappings and ransom.