Three former employees of Windset Farms California and Pacheco Labor Services Inc. have filed a class action suit alleging they were required to work unpaid overtime and forego meal and rest periods.

The suit was filed on behalf of pickers Jose Vidales and Martin Briseno, packer Erika Suarez and current employees in Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria, Calif.

It alleges workers were not paid for activities before and after shifts, including gathering or cleaning tools and attending meetings, according to court records.

Moreover, it claims the companies provided meal periods shorter than the 30 minutes required by law — and on work days over 10 hours did not provide a second meal period. Ten-minute rest breaks — one every four hours — were routinely denied, according to the suit.

Windset Farms California did not return calls seeking comment June 20. Windset Farms is based in Delta, British Columbia. The company operates greenhouses in Santa Maria and other locations.

Law firms Villegas Carrera LLP and Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP represent the plaintiffs.