Tapping into America’s love of juicing, the Foxy produce brand is expanding fresh produce use through the “Rejuicenate with Foxy” promotion.

Nunes 'rejuicenates' with Foxy campaignThrough its Foxy brand, Salinas, Calif.-based The Nunes Co., is introducing 20 recipes for easy-to-make liquid-based meals and snacks.

Nunes plans to distribute 1 million recipe booklets through packages of romaine hearts and host in-store events throughout the U.S.

More than 60 grocery stores have agreed to sponsor juicing demonstrations and tastings, which are scheduled to begin April 11 and run through October, according to the release.

Designed to appeal to a variety of tastes, there are 10 original vegetable and fruit juice recipes and three “liquid salads” consisting of smoothies, pulp snacks and a dessert.

“Juicing has been a boon for the produce industry, enabling the public to find a new love for fresh vegetables and fruit,” Matt Seeley, vice president of marketing, said in the release. “We’re launching this program to show consumers young and old alike that healthy food can taste great and be enjoyed in a variety of ways. We hope to inspire people to eat and drink better, and at the same time, help grocers and produce companies all across America sell more produce.”

Using leftover pulp and juicing byproducts, Foxy also developed some healthy snacks, according to the release.