Food safety traceability service provider Frequentz has released a new version of its IRIS (Information Repository & Intelligence Server) traceability server.

IRIS combines the Los Altos, Calif.-based company’s proprietary traceability technology with IBM’s InfoSphere traceability technology, according to a news release. Frequentz acquired the IBM technology in 2012.

The new version of IRIS, IRIS 3.2, provides faster product querying and improved integration with Frequentz’s ePedigree offering.

IRIS 3.2 also offers new serial number management capabilities and enhanced compliance features, and it supports GS1 guidance for improved interoperability between trading partners.

“Our top priority at Frequentz is to stay ahead of important standards and regulatory requirements to ensure our platform allows customers to remain compliant, and that it can also be easily integrated into their business operations,” Ranjit Pradhan, the company’s chief technology officer and senior vice president of global commercialization, said in the release. “The enhancements to IRIS are in direct response to customer feedback regarding today’s dynamic regulatory landscape. IRIS customers are now equipped with actionable insight into every event along the product lifecycle, which results in enhanced consumer safety and improved business profitability.”