ANAHEIM, Calif. — Homestead, Fla.-based Fresh King Inc. hopes to have nearly year-round supplies thanks to a new partnership with Agroindustria Ocoeña.

The Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic-based grower-shipper is one of the largest green skin avocado exporters in the country, said Fresh King general manager/owner Alvaro Perpuly, at Fresh Summit 2012.

“We have a lot of the same lines of products,” Perpuly said. “This deal made a lot of sense for us.”

The deal gives Fresh King an advantage in that it will be a nearly year-round supplier, Perpuly said, as Agroindustria Ocoeña is the sole supplier of the late season Carla variety of green skin avocados. The deal also includes tropical fruit, Asian vegetables and multiple greenhouse products.

Perpuly also noted the food safety advantages of the deal.

“To borrow the expression, we’re able to control production from the field to the fork,” he said. “All of Agroindustria Ocoeña are Primus certified. They are also the only packing facility with hydrocooling in the Dominican Republic.”

Perpuly said the deal was final in mid-October.