Fruit packer Fresh Select LLC is awaiting approval on a $500,000 tax credit through the California Competes program, which targets companies planning to expand in the state or relocate there.

Dinuba, Calif.-based Fresh Select is among 31 businesses selected for the program, which is making about $30 million available. A state committee is scheduled to vote on the first round of tax credits June 19 in Sacramento.

As part of its agreement with the state, Fresh Select would invest nearly $6 million in new equipment and increased operations through 2018. Full-time employees would jump from 22 now to 352 in the final year.

During peak seasons Fresh Select currently employs up to 250, and packs up to 1,000 bins daily in a shift, according to a news release. It packs citrus, tree fruit, pomegranates and Asian pears for global distribution.

Facility improvements made in the past two years included installation of a MAF Roda sizer with Globalscan for frost separation, defect sorting, and color sorting; plus soft gooseneck bin fillers for apples. New Giro baggers were also installed to meet retail demands.

The facility has multiple ripening or de-greening rooms and is equipped with ozone in cold storage and the refrigerated loading dock for decay control.