Fresh Solutions Network is promoting an approach to potatoes and onions as something more than commodities.

“We think the value proposition for retailers has changed and that many of the ways potato and onion suppliers continue to try to capture market share may be a thing of the past,” Kathleen Triou, president and chief executive officer, said in a news release. “They fixate on driving out costs to win business, to the point that their packaging is ineffective and their marketing support is nonexistent.”

“We recently collaborated with a regional retailer to strategize an optimized assortment that delivered a 7% sales increase and stole market share from their competition over a six-month pilot program,” Triou said.

Fresh Solutions Network partners are Sterman Masser Inc., Michael Family Farms Inc., Basin Gold Cooperative Inc., Green Thumb Farms Inc., Red Isle Potato Growers Ltd., NoKota Packers Inc. and Sun-Glo of Idaho Inc.