Fresh produce distributor FreshPoint Toronto has adopted SmartWash Solutions in all of its wash lines.

SmartWash is a patented food safety technology designed to enhance the effectiveness of chlorine-based systems and mitigate possible cross contamination. Salinas, Calif.-based SmartWash Solutions LLC is a division of Taylor Farms, which uses the technology.

“We did a study across North America, and got the best results in Toronto where we were testing SmartWash, so that’s why we decided to invest,” Dan Martin, president of FreshPoint Toronto, said in a news release.

SmartWash staff were onsite to integrate it into the existing system, he said.

FreshPoint is a Sysco company.

SmartWash aims to improve process control as well as offer enhanced food safety and consistent chlorine levels. It’s also available in an organic formula. It’s been implemented in Mexico as well.

“We developed SmartWash as a food safety firewall, a reliable tool to stop cross contamination, eliminate outbreaks and make sure the fresh produce we eat is safe,” Sara Mohsin, business development analyst, said in the release.