Freska to promote mangoes with Disney campaignFreska Produce International LLC is working with Disney to promote fresh mangoes to children.

The Oxnard, Calif.-based Freska plans to start the promotion in mid-April.

The promotion is scheduled to run through September when Mexico’s heavy volume ends, said Gary Clevenger, managing member and co-founder.

To attract children’s attention, drawings of Disney characters (including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as well as Disney’s logo) grace the sides of Freska’s mango flats and stickers featuring a Mickey Mouse outline are on individual pieces of fruit.

The campaign included store manager display contests, in-store demonstrations and rebates that consumers can receive when they purchase Freska mangoes and Disney DVDs.

Freska decided to try the promotion to see if it could better promote Mexican mangoes, Clevenger said.

Freska to promote mangoes with Disney campaign“It’s the time of the year when the market really gets saturated with mangoes,” he said. “Pushing mangoes in a creative way is something you need to do during that time. As Disney is looking for new items to promote healthy eating to kids, hopefully this will help drive consumption and get more retailers on board that will erect some nice corner displays with lots of mangoes in them.”

This is the first year that the mango importer has worked with Disney and the two plan to continue the campaign next year, Clevenger said.

If this year is successful, Freska may expand the promotion to include Peruvian mangoes, which typically begin shipping in December and run through early April, Clevenger said.

In late March, Clevenger was working on prizes and other contest details.