Frieda’s Inc. has begun a marketing campaign, “The Year of Purple,” to tout its purple vegetables and fruits through 2013, marking the company’s five decades in business.

The most recent such product from Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s is the Stokes purple sweet potato, featured in a video.

Promotions for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and other occasions will feature Frieda’s purple produce items, according to a news release. They include:


  • Sangria artichokes;
  • Moab Superfruit Blend açai;
  • brussels sprouts;
  • asparagus;
  • graffiti eggplant;
  • kohlrabi;
  • Cherokee heirloom tomatoes;
  • wax beans;
  • mangosteen; and
  • pepino melons.


A Twitter hashtag, #YearofPurple, will inform customers and consumers of current marketing activities. Social media plans include a “Show Us Your Purple” Pinterest contest and Facebook contests with product giveaways. Frieda’s also expects to offer retailers merchandising tips.

“Purple has been Frieda’s company color for over 50 years,” Karen Caplan, president, said in the release. “It’s the color people think of when they think of Frieda’s, so we thought we’d shout it from the rooftops.”

“We’ve also noticed that purple is everywhere these days, from bridal dresses to brussels sprouts and purple pies to floral centerpieces,” Caplan added. “So in celebration of our 50th year, we want to recognize this special color.”

Marketing materials are expected to include use tips and information on health benefits.