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DALLAS — Editor Greg Johnson, Managing Editor Fred Wilkinson, National Editor Tom Karst and Retail Editor Pamela Riemenschneider collected these news items on the exposition floor at United Fresh 2012 on May 1-3.

The Oppenheimer Group
Karin Gardner, marketing communications manager for The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, says the company plans to offer a new 11-ounce kiwifruit pack. The zip-top handle bag features three to four pieces of fruit, depending on weight and a knife/spoon kiwifruit scoop for easy eating on the go. The pack should retail around $1.99, she says.

Pure Hot House Foods
The Luna Sweet Trio, a triangular cocktail tomato pack, was unveiled at the United Fresh 2012 show, says Bob Donckers, chief operating officers for Pure Hot House Foods Inc., Taylor, Mich. The 10-ounce pack includes orange, yellow and red cocktail tomatoes.

RedLine Solutions
PTI Lite is a traceability product geared to small producers, said Gary Fleming, vice president of strategic services for RedLine Solutions Inc., Littleton, Colo. Fleming said PTI Lite has been out on the market for about a month and already has customers. “This is bare minimum, if you need to get a label onto a case and onto a pallet, then boom, you don’t need anything other than a computer,” he said. PTI Lite includes a bar code printer, labels for cases, hybrid pallet tags and the software that makes it work, he said. “The price point is right for the small farmers,” Fleming said.

Robbie Fantastic Flexibles
Robbie Fantastic Flexibles has introduced a standup package for in-store fresh-cut programs. The package has an easy-carry handle and a resealable zipper that helps maintain freshness, says Patrick Starrett, product marketing manager for the Lenexa, Kan.-based company. The graphic design allows for any variety of fruit to be put in the package, he said. The package will be available in two sizes, with the smaller size being about a 12-ounce package while the larger pack will be 16 ounces to 24 ounces. The back of the package will feature a large window for easy product viewing by consumers.

San Miguel
San Miguel Produce, Oxnard, Calif., is offering a new line of what the company is calling “supercharged salads,” according to Jan Berk, vice president of San Miguel Produce Inc. The salads include:

  • SuperKale salad slaw, a colorful blend of shredded, seasonal specialty kales and carrots;
  • Ironman Greens Salad, a specialty blend of colorful and mild spinach and beet greens; and
  • EnerChi Salad, a blend of traditional Asian and leafy greens.

Claire Smith, director of corporate communications for Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers, says the cooperative has new packaging for its 10-pound consumer packs. She says the packages will be available in retail and club stores and offer the consumer a large amount of navels for a good value.

From the show floor: United Fresh 2012 booths, O-ZWalter P. Rawl and Sons
Mark Haun, business development manager for Walter P. Rawl and Sons Inc., Pelion, S.C., holds the fajita mix and roaster grill kits in Versatile Veggies line, introduced at the show.

Customers of Well-Pict strawberry variety 9271 are vaulting it to prominence this year, said James Grabowski, merchandising manager for Watsonville, Calif.-based Well-Pict Inc. Production of the variety is coming out of Watsonville in May and harvest will continue through October, he said. Santa Maria volume is also increasing, he said. “This is the first year of full production,” Grabowski said. “The variety produces a nice, large, red-colored berry throughout the berry as well as having a nice sweet flavor, he said.

From the show floor: United Fresh 2012 booths, O-ZWorld Variety Produce
Jody Okamoto (left) and Louis Perez, account managers and field merchandisers for Los Angeles-based World Variety Produce, display the company’s single-serving foodservice packs. Perez says the packs are designed to be a healthful alternative for concession foods and are priced comparable to other options available. The company currently is selling them in stadiums for professional sports teams nationwide.