Fully Belly Farm and Svenska Retursystem earned the third-annual Reusable Packaging Association Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award for significant cost and environmental savings.

Full Belly Farm wins reusable packaging award“We received strong submissions this year that documented the multiple and far-reaching benefits of reusables on small and large scales. The award program is another example of RPA’s leadership in promoting the value and expansion of reusables,” Robert Engle, RPA chairman and president and chief executive officer of International Contract Molding, LLC, said in a news release. International Contract Molding sponsors the award program.

Fully Belly Farm won the award for businesses with revenues less than $25 million for replacing waxed cardboard boxes with reusable plastic totes with lids. The company replaced 8,330 boxes with just 2,000 plastic totes. The totes of produce are delivered to families weekly and then picked up and returned to the farm the next week for reuse.

The change will save the company more than $14,000 a year in avoided waxed cardboard box purchases and more than six tons of cardboard waste each year.

Svenska earned the award for companies with revenues over $25 million for its common pooling system for more than 200 food producers in Sweden and food manufacturers throughout Europe that export goods to the Swedish trade, according to the release.

Every product for every grocery chain comes in the same size and type of returnable crate and pallet. The system saves $22 million annually in labor, and the cost savings for using reusable packaging for one year is more than $18 million.