GS1 US plans workshops on Global Data Synchronization Network enhancements and supply chain visibility.

The Lawrenceville, N.J.-based GS1 is scheduling these workshops in Chicago:

  • Oct. 14, GS1 US GDSN major release implementation; and
  • Oct. 29, GS1 US supply chain visibility implementation.

Scott Brown, GS1’s director of global standards, and Michele Southall, implementation services director, are scheduled to host the workshops.

The first workshop will cover the enhancements to the synchronization network for retail grocery and foodservice industries. The second workshop will involve discussion on how the implementation of key data elements and critical tracking events can lead to supply chain visibility, according to a news release.

Professionals in the field of data management, data synchronization, supply chain management, traceability and safety, operations and information technology are encouraged to attend the workshops.