Trying to bring growers and chefs together, Georgia is launching an executive chef campaign featuring the state’s Georgia Grown program.

Georgia promotes local through executive chef programWorking with the Georgia Restaurant Association, the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Atlanta, is promoting relationships between chefs and growers by offering chefs a “mark of honor and distinction” while increasing awareness for restaurateurs and consumers about the availability of local Georgia products, according to a news release.

The restaurant association selected four chef finalists who are scheduled to participate in spring and fall school events, a farm tour and seasonal cooking videos.

Sponsors say the program should help shoppers find Georgia products in their communities to help support local and seasonal foods when in restaurants. The program also involves school culinary education and nutrition through training and recipe development, according to the release.

“Whether you are an executive chef or an everyday consumer, purchasing local food is beneficial for a number of reasons,” restaurant association executive director Karen Bremer said in the release. “Georgia Grown food is fresher, more nutritious, saves in transportation cost and environmental impact. Most importantly, it supports the community financially. By buying local, we can generate more revenue for our state, which will create more jobs.”