Just as the California avocado season is peaking, Giumarra Agricom International LLC has opened the doors to its new Ventura packinghouse in the heart of the state’s northern avocado growing region.Giumarra opens second California avocado packing facility

“This is an addition to the efforts that we’ve put in place to diversify our packing, distribution and service facilities to better accommodate the growers and our customers around the country,” said Bruce Dowhan, general manager of Agricom, a division of Giumarra Bros. Fruit Co. Inc., Los Angeles. “With the north region growing, we wanted to be there and entrench ourselves with the grower community, be there for them face to face and shake hands with our growers.”

The grand opening of the Ventura plant was June 22. It complements the company’s Escondido packinghouse in the southern growing region and lessens Giumarra’s carbon footprint by reducing the transfer distance from the fields, he said.

Dowhan declined to reveal the dimensions of the new building and the cost of the facility. The Ventura packinghouse is complete — so far, but more construction is in the offing.

“We’re set up to do substantial volume now, but we have a very specific growth plan,” Dowhan said. “We’re going to be expanding the facility over the next couple of years, and as we expand we’ll be increasing our capacity.”

In addition to the packinghouses, Giumarra Agricom has 15 distribution centers across the U.S., he said.

“With this infrastructure in place, we can provide same-day deliveries across the country and a wide array of services, from ripening, to bagging to special packs to branded programs,” Dowhan said.

The Ventura packinghouse does not signal that Giumarra is placing less importance on growers in the southern region.

“We are committed to staying in Escondido to help the southern growing community prosper, to help them have viable businesses,” Dowhan said.