Philadelphia-based Global Cooling Inc. has added information on precooling of fruits and vegetables to its website.

Global Cooling adds precooling information on websiteThe company places all forced-air precooling information in one place, on the site’s knowledge base section, according to a news release.

Global Cooling advisor Jim Thompson, a University of California-Davis cooperative extension specialist, is co-author of “Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers” and has written five reports on the importantance of precooling, according to the release.

The reports available on the website are:

  • “Temperature and Quality;”
  • “How to Cool Produce;”
  • “Tips for Successful Forced-Air Cooling;”
  • “Product Temperature in Forced-Air Cooling;” and
  • “Measuring Product Temperature.”

Global Cooling plans to add information on a regular basis, according to the release.

“For a grower, packer or logistics provider, often the learning curve for forced-air precooling can be steep and difficult,” Jim Still, president said in the release. “There is no website or book that concentrates only on precooling. While precooling temperature reduction time can be very difficult to predict, there is a science to precooling that applies to all commodities and all packaging.”