Gourmet Trading Co. has introduced a new peeled white asparagus product.

Limited volumes of 9-ounce, 1-pound and 1.5-pound bags of peeled white asparagus were shipped to retailers in mid-February, with a full rollout expected in time for Easter on April 8, said Chloe Varennes, marketing and packaging administrator for Los Angeles-based Gourmet Trading.

The product is grown, peeled and packaged in Trujillo, Peru, Varennes said. The company did not have volume projections as of Feb. 13.

The product was created to give customers a gourmet asparagus product with lower shrink and longer shelf life, Brian Miller, Gourmet Trading’s sales manager, said in a company news release.

“This product really is a game changer for the white asparagus category,” Miller said. “Now people can reach for our peeled white asparagus when they need a fast and easy side dish.  It’s not just for the gourmet chef anymore.”