A three-dimensional hologram of the Jolly Green Giant projected into New York’s spacious Grand Central Station will kick off a marketing campaign seeking pledges from children to eat more vegetables.

One Giant Pledge, featured on the Green Giant Facebook page, asks kids to commit to eating one more vegetable daily for 30 days.

Salinas, Calif.-based Green Giant Fresh is joining General Mills in the campaign, which also targets frozen and canned products.

The New York event is scheduled for Oct. 2.

“The kids will go on a platform and when the hologram is projected, they’ll jump up and try to high-five or fist bump him,” said Mishalin Modena, senior marketing communications manager for Green Giant Fresh.

Beyond nutritional goals, the campaign aims to reacquaint children with a character who’s become less familiar over time.

“The Jolly Green Giant is a pretty iconic person in the minds of our parents and grandparents, but General Mills found that the younger age isn’t quite sure who he is,” Modena said. “Only in the past few years have we been bringing the Giant back and getting the new millennium of kids to know him. We’re working on modernizing the brand and this is one more way to educate children on making healthier choices.”

The new campaign will be backed by TV commercials and social media efforts, she said, and fits well with ongoing Green Giant Fresh efforts to reach children. An example is an online Farmville program.

New Facebook elements include a downloadable “Ho ho ho!” ringtone and tools for creating photos high-fiving the Giant and completed pledge certificates.

The Grand Central Station event features Alison Sweeney, host of “The Biggest Loser,” and others talking to parents about healthy eating choices.

Green Giant Fresh has 13 brand suppliers in various produce commodities. They include Potandon Produce LLC; Windset Farms; Gourmet Trading Co.; Growers Express; Wayne E. Bailey Produce Co.; Bolthouse Farms Inc.; The Fruit Exchange; Curran Co.; Modern Mushroom Farms Inc.; Pioneer Growers Cooperative; Sun Dried Marketing Inc.; Taylor Farms Retail Inc.; and Wholesale Produce Supply Co.