Past contestants in the NBC TV series “The Biggest Loser” are slated to lead a workout and offer health tips to Grimmway Farms employees Feb. 4 in Bakersfield, Calif.

“We’re kicking off our company’s Biggest Loser challenge,” said Alisa Fuentez, marketing and packaging manager.

Contestants from past seasons scheduled to appear at the noon workout include Courtney Cozier; Mark Pinhasovich; Sione Fa; and Filipe Fa.

Feb. 4 is also the deadline for registering employee Biggest Loser teams at the site. The first weigh-in is Feb. 11.

Grimmway Farms and Biggest Loser are doing promotions for the show’s 14th season. The show’s logo and a sweepstakes offer appear on packages of Grimmway baby carrots. The carrots and other items appear in the show’s food plans.

“The show airs every Monday night, and we have a lot of people tweeting about our product,” Fuentez said.